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Model Year: 1903

Location of Manufacture: Berlin (Kitchener), Ontario

View of the right headlamp and brand style

Head lamp and branding

The elegance of the car’s detailing is shown in this view of the right head lamp and the Le Roy brand name.

View of the passenger seating area

Passenger seating

A standard runabout could accommodate two passengers on firm, upright seats. Some runabouts were outfitted with a jump seat which provided seating for another two passengers in the rear.

View of the floorboard pedals and controls

Pedals and controls

A tiller was still used to control the direction of the car, even though steering wheels were becoming more common. The crank lying on the floor of the car was used to start the engine.

Archival photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Crocker of Stratford, Ontario seated in their Le Roy in 1902

Mr. and Mrs. Crocker seated in their Le Roy,

Stratford, Ontario
ca. 1902

The Le Roy runabout provided a minimum of comfort for its passengers – it gave no protection from the elements and had no windscreen. The Le Roy’s steering was controlled by a tiller even though steering wheels had been introduced by this time, and were becoming more popular.

Beacon Herald, Stratford, Ontario

Contemporary photograph of a refurbished 1904 Oldsmobile Curved Dash

Refurbished 1904 Oldsmobile Curved Dash Runabout

The Le Roy was a close copy of the Oldsmobile Curved Dash. The Le Roy’s head lamps, tiller and general proportions were very similar to the Oldsmobile’s. The Curved Dash shown here is two model years older than the Le Roy featured on this website, and the dash has evolved into a smoother, more elegant line.

Photographer: Lars-Göran Lindgren, Sweden