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Manic GT

Model Year: 1971

Location of Manufacture: Granby, Quebec

Photograph of Jacques About with a model of the Manic, 1969

Jacques About with a model of the Manic


Jacques About first worked in public relations for Renault Canada. It was there that he recognized Canadians needed to have access to more sporty European styles. Before developing the Manic GT, About and his team designed and fabricated the Manic-Grac – an actual racing car.

Photo: Gordon Beck, The Gazette (Montreal) © 1969

Photograph of a Manic GT in fabrication, Granby, Quebec

Manic GT in fabrication
Granby, Quebec
ca. 1971


A partially assembled Manic GT is inspected and adjusted by a team of technicians. Jacques About’s team was known for its enthusiasm and youth – most of About’s workers were young men in their early twenties!

L’Amicale Manic GT

Preparing the surface prior to painting

Preparing the surface prior to painting

Granby, Quebec
ca. 1971 

The surface of the Manic GT is sanded and primed before the paint layers are applied.

L’Amicale Manic GT

View of the dashboard


The dashboard features and the design of the steering wheel emphasize the sporty nature of the car and its origins in car racing.

View of the Manic GT brand mark


The Manic GT name brand, as it appeared on this 1971 model.

View of the passenger seating area

Passenger seating

The Manic GT was a true sports car, with seating for only two passengers. With the engine in the rear and the sharply sloping roof line, there was little room for a back seat!