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Manic GT

Model Year: 1971

Location of Manufacture: Granby, Quebec

Beginning in 1968, a team led by Jacques About of Montreal, began to develop the Manic GT using the platform and running gear of the imported Renault 10 combined with a fibreglass body. It was a two-seater car, with the engine mounted at the rear. It was light and low to the ground, which gave it the agility and speed desired in a sports car.

Jacques About was an astute businessman and was able to obtain investment funding from major Canadian corporations, such as Bombardier and Steinberg. Both the Governments of Quebec and Canada also contributed funding. In the end, About was able to raise $1.5 million and a Manic factory in Granby, Quebec was established.

The first prototype of the Manic GT debuted at the Montreal auto show in April 1969. Fabrication began in earnest that October. Five vehicles were produced each week and there was a two-month waiting list for new buyers. About and his team projected that they could output 1,300 cars a year from the Granby facility.

Unfortunately, the dependence on parts from Renault proved to be the company’s downfall. The supply of parts could not meet the demand and the Granby factory closed in May of 1971. Only 160 Manic GTs had been produced.