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Mercury Meteor Montcalm

Model Year: 1961

Location of Manufacture: Oakville, Ontario



The dashboard of the Montcalm was considered state-of-the-art in 1960 but appears quite basic to 21st century eyes. In contemporary cars, wiper and speed controls are usually found on the steering column. In the Montcalm, most functions have their own knob, and only the signal lever and gear shift are attached to the steering column. However, the simplicity and functionality of the dashboard design can be appreciated. 

View of the rear passenger area

Rear passenger seating

Promotional brochures emphasize that the 1960 Meteors offer plenty of space for drivers and passengers. Compared to today’s automobiles, this is certainly true. Materials considered modern in the mid-20th century – such as nylon, rayon and vinyl – are used to create comfortable and durable seating.

View of the rear of the car, left-hand side

Exceptional detailing

The gorgeous detailing on the Montcalm is evident in this view of the rear of the car. Zinc die-cast head- and tail-lights, gleaming trim and baked on enamel finishes combine to create a signature style in the Canadian car market in the early 1960s.

View of the Montcalm brand mark


The Montcalm brand name as it appeared in 1961.

A page from a Meteor Montcalm sales brochure, 1961

Meteor Montcalm Brochure

Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited
Oakville, Ontario

A brand new 1961 Montcalm, presented in a sales brochure.

Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited.