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Studebaker Commander Series

Model Year: 1966

Location of Manufacture: Hamilton, Ontario

Advertisement for a 1965 Studebaker - published in the Montreal Gazette, 25 June 1965

Print ad for a 1965 Studebaker,

Montreal Gazette
25 June 1965

Perhaps it was a sign that the business was in trouble, or perhaps it was just bad advertising. One way or the other, this ad does little to inspire consumers and to encourage them to buy a Studebaker. When compared to the Volkswagen Beetle ad of eight years earlier, Studebaker looks staid and tired.

Studebaker of Canada Ltd.

A page from “Studebaker: The Smart New Look” sales brochure, 1965

"1966 Studebaker: The Smart New Look"


This page from the 1966 Studebaker sales brochure presents a light and fun tone. It features the final line of Studebakers before the company ceased production, and was perhaps the company’s last effort at winning over a new, more youthful group of buyers for its vehicles.

Studebaker Automotive Sales Corporation.
Canada Science and Technology Museum