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Transcript for the Bricklin Song

Transcript Bricklin Song

Now everybody's worried 'bout how times are gettin' tough;
There's shortages in oil and gas and all that sorta stuff.
The MP's want a raise in pay, the natives want their land
Pierre can't walk on water but he's getting oil from sand.

Ya see I'm from New Brunswick where folks are very poor.
The Premier, he's our leader, sometimes we're not too sure.
He convinced them up in Ottawa as to just how poor we are,
But now I 'spose they're wonderin 'bout our million-dollar car.

Now there's this fella Malcolm -- he comes from the U.S.A.
He was playing with his geometric instruments one day.
His friends said what he drew was "just a litle bit absurd"
They wondered "why should any one put wheels upon a bird?"

He said, "I'll go up to Canada I'm sure they'll buy my car".
The Quebeckers sent him down to us; that shows how smart they are
Now the premier he's not married, he's a sporty kind of guy,
So this flashy vehicle for sports caught Dickie in the eye.

Don't get me wrong this Bricklin thing just could work out alright,
But 'till that time our Dickie will be just a bit uptight.
He blames it on the Liberals. That Turnbull's such a pest.
What he can't blame on Big Bad John he blames that on the press.

Though auto factories everywhere are shutting down -- no sales.
Investment in the Bricklin in New Brunswick still prevails.
How much did you give Malcolm? Please answer if you would
"Oh ye of little faith believe -- because "my word is good".

Oh the Bricklin, oh the Bricklin
Is it just another Edsel? Wait and see
We'll let the Yankees try it -- and hope to God they'll buy it
Let it be, Dear Lord, let it be!

Oh the Rolls was called up yonder;
Oh the Edsel was called up yonder;
Will the Bricklin be called up yonder?
Don't let it be, Dear Lord, don't let it be; Don't let it be, Dear Lord, don't let it be.

Courtesy of Charlie Russell

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