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Transcript Gray-Dort

In this 2001 report from CBC-TVʼs Bob Steele, we learn about William Gray and his first car – the Gray-Dort – which was manufactured in Chatham, Ontario

Bob Steele:
William Gray came to Chatham in the 1840s. Over the years, he built a successful business making carriages. Then he formed a partnership with the Dorts of Flint, Michigan, to build cars. In 1921, they had sold 9,000 Gray-Dort automobiles. Only a handful exist today, but there is one on display at the Chatham-Kent Museum.

If you come this way, Iʼd like to show you one of the automobiles produced by the Gray-Dort company. This is a 1919 touring car. It was restored in 1990 by Classic Coach Works and is on loan to the museum from Lloyd Needham.

Bob Steele:
Like many other car manufacturers of the day, Gray-Dort didnʼt survive. By 1930, it was bankrupt and not much remains except these few museum pieces.

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