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Transcript Mercury Meteor Montcalm

New ideas in metal.

New ideas in glass.

New ideas in smooth performance.

These are just some of the new ideas that you will find in Meteor for 1960 – Canadaʼs idea car of the year.

This is the completely new Montcalm for 1960. Sleek and beautiful. Distinctively Canadian. From its gleaming new grille to the glamourous rear deck styling. Its exciting new appearance is, in itself, a hint of the stimulating new performance offered.

Tempest V8 or Econo-fuel 6, both standard engines give sparkling performance on regular gas at a nickel-a-gallon saving.

And yet you ride in luxury usually associated only with higher- priced cars. Front seat foam cushioning, wall to wall carpeting, rich luxurious fabrics – all standard features on the 1960 Meteor Montcalm.

Yes, the 1960 Meteor brings you the newest ideas in metal and glass. Beautifully sculptured, completely new, distinctively Canadian.

New ideas that donʼt stop at just one body style. There are three different roof lines to choose from. This is the Montcalm 4-door hard top with the classic straight line styling, completely different from the Montcalm 2-door hard top with its sweeping fast back roof line thatʼs sleeker and lower than any other Meteor this year.

Yes, every 1960 Meteor is unmistakably new from every angle. Undeniable proof that Meteor is Canadaʼs idea car of the year. So take a demonstration drive and look for all of the new ideas in Meteor for 1960 – exhilerating; economical performance; safe sure stopping power from 25% larger brakes.

Comfort and convenience to match its exciting new looks. This is the finest Meteor ever made and youʼll find Meteor in a choice of 12 models and four great series. The popular-priced Rideau, the value-packed Rideau 500, the practical Meteor wagons, and these exclusive Montcalms.

See your Meteor Mercury Frontenac dealer tomorrow and take off in Canadaʼs idea car of the year – the 1960 Meteor.

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