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The 2018 CIMUSET Conference theme is Museums in the Digital World

In a world of Alibaba, Netflix, Facebook and WhatsApp were do museums fit in?  Consumers want immediate, unfettered access to content; they want to participate; and they want to be engaged.  The rise of mobile, the cloud and the internet of things has made digitization the core driver of digital disruption and it effects every industry, including museums.  Those that are embracing the movement are moving forward.  Those who ignore it are suffering the consequences. How are museums embracing the digital disruption movement?

The digital world will never be able to replace the artifact, the real thing.  The challenge for museums is how do we engage on digital platforms, and have the users engage with their scientific and technological past, present and ultimately, their future.

Session themes could include:

  • Engaging Digital Natives
  • App development in the Museum setting
  • Digitizing collections/making collections digitally accessible
  • The Digital Museum
  • Successes and Failures on digital projects/products (lessons learned)
  • The future of digital marketing

Sources – Images and Video:

Like, Link, Share – How cultural institutions are embracing digital technologyThemeReport_CMA_artwall_092014.jpg – http://likelinkshare.org/profile/cleveland-museum-of-art/

Blog – Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya   CAPÇALERA_CollectionWall.jpg – Collection Wall, Cleveland Museum of Art. Photo: Conxa Rodà – http://blog.museunacional.cat/en/10-key-takeaways-from-museums-and-the-web-2017/

-Local ProjectsCollections Wall, Gallery One/Cleveland Museum of Art  – https://vimeo.com/64587687

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