Picturing the Past
Stop 1:
On the Ship from Liverpool to Halifax
Part A:
 August 6th 1940

Lifeboats on SS Prince Rupert at the AlertLifeboats on SS Prince Rupert at the Alert
Royal Canadian Navy destroyers shepherding convoy safely into an unidentified British port at the conclusion of a successful wartime Atlantic crossingRoyal Canadian Navy Destroyers Shepherding Convoy
Launching a lifeboat from the SS Lady RodneyLaunching a lifeboat from SS Lady Rodney
Convoy going out. Canadian destroyers, in line astern, steam out to sea to take up their positions in convoyConvoy going out
Wilma Miles Wearing her gas mask, three years oldThree-year-old Wilma Miles Wearing Gas Mask
Guest Children
Leaving family and friends
Safety precautions: lifeboat drills, gas masks, life jackets

Group of children of different ages

Stop Description: Anne and George stand on the deck of the ship the SS Hilary, with other children of all ages around them. All are waving; all wearing British school uniforms, with gas-mask cases slung over their shoulders; some have teddy bears, dolls, suitcases, etc. George and Anne meet a nurse who gives them life jackets.

Anne: George, stand here and we can see Mummy and Daddy!
George: (shouting) Goodbye Mum! Bye Dad!

[Anne cries, George tries to look brave.]

Anne: I wish we did not have to go such a long way away from home to be safe!

George: Don’t worry Anne, I bet Canada will be a jolly good place to live.

[Woman in a nurse’s uniform comes out and talks to the children; holding life jackets.]

Nurse: Alright children, we have to run a life boat drill before dinnertime. Take these life vests and put on your gas masks. Take your luggage too.

[Nurse hands life jackets to George and Anne]

Nurse: See all these boats around us? Together they are called a Convoy. They are here to keep us safe. But we may need to get into the lifeboats someday and we need to be prepared.

[Anne wearing her gas mask and life jacket; George only wearing the life vest, holding the gas mask.]

George: Oh but I hate wearing my gas mask; the rubber smells funny!

Anne: Come along George or we will get in trouble!

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