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Photo Essays - CN Images of Canada Gallery
Railways in Canada: A Brief History    Railways in Canada: A Brief History
   Railways and railway technology have figured prominently in
   the development of Canada from the 1850s to the present day.

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CNR Trucking width=   CNR Trucking: Express and Freight Vehicles
   A significant aspect of the Canadian National Railways story
   was the highway transport service the railway offered.
A Train Journey Through The Ottawa Valley   A Train Journey Through The Ottawa Valley
   This journey illustrates the scene during the “late steam
    railway era,” – from about 1930 until 1960.
The Central Vermont Railway   The Central Vermont Railway
   The Central Vermont Railway (CVR) occupies an unusual
    place in North American railway history.
Dear Ellie: Letters from the West   Dear Ellie: Letters from the West
   This story focuses on the development of Western Canadian
    tourism in Saskatchewan and Alberta during the 1930's.
Guest Children   Guest Children
   The story was written to discuss "Canada at War" and the Canadian
   homefront during World War II. Although the story itself is fictional, the
   experience of children crossing Canada is based on historical truths.
Searching for the Sublime   Searching for the Sublime
   Algonquin park and the origins of wilderness tourism in Canada. This
   story has five key themes: The City, The Searchers, Algonquin Park, 
   The Great Escape and Being There.

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