• Claire (Age: 13)
  • Mark (Age: 11)
  • Nana
  • Poppa

Scene description: Grandmother and two grandchildren sit in the log cabin living room; grandmother is helping the children to build a model of a flying boat on the rug by the fireplace. In the window behind them, a plane taxis up to the dock, and a silhouette of a man gets out of the plane.

Nana: (glances at the window) Oh look, Poppa’s back with some more supplies. I hope he remembered the maple syrup!

Mark: Awesome—he promised we could go fishing when he got back. Maybe we’ll catch a huge trout for supper!

Claire: It’s so cool that you get around by plane and can land right on the water in your own backyard...makes our car in the driveway at home seem so ordinary, but we’re used to city life, I guess.

Nana: (laughs) Well, Claire, Poppa and I certainly think flying is the best way to travel! Ever since we were in the air force together forty-five years ago, we’ve dreamed about having a place just like this; it’s great that we can enjoy it with you.

Claire: You and Poppa met in the air force, right, Nana?

Nana: We sure did. I always say that flying made for a romance with lots of ups and downs (laughs), but it worked: Poppa and I got married in the same year we left the air force. Soon, we had your Dad, and Poppa took a job with an airline, flying passengers all over the country.

(Poppa comes into the room)

Mark: Hi Poppa!

Poppa: Hey there, fishing partner! (Looks at Claire and Nana) And how are my two favourite ladies doing? (kisses Nana on the cheek) Are you kids ready to get out and catch some supper?

Claire: (giggles) Hi Poppa, I’m ready! Check out this model airplane, it looks a bit like yours.

Poppa: You’re right, it does! That’s a Vedette. It lands on water as well.

Mark: Poppa, can we go fishing soon? Please, please, please!

Poppa: (laughs) Sure thing, Mark! Just let me sit down for a minute and catch my breath.