Getting Into the Air

The Four Forces of Flight

For an aircraft to fly you have to find the right balance between four invisible forces.


WEIGHT is the downward force caused by gravity. It pulls the airplane towards the ground.


LIFT is the upward force caused by air passing over the wings and turning downward. LIFT must overcome WEIGHT to get the airplane into the air.


THRUST is the force created by the engine and the propeller. It has to overcome DRAG to move the airplane forward.


DRAG is the force caused by friction between the air and the airplane. It acts in a backward direction and slows the airplane down.

Let the game begin!

Now that you know about the four forces of flight, use your knowledge to recreate famous aircraft from our Collection. Choose the right parts to maximize LIFT and/or THRUST or minimize WEIGHT and/or DRAG depending on the aircraft’s intended mission.

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