Designed in Canada

Today, numerous high-tech airliners manufactured by Bombardier, a Canadian company, fly all over the world, but few people know that aircraft construction in Canada goes back to the time when aviation was in its infancy.

Between 1909 and 1914, that is, from the first flight of a heavier-than-air machine in Canada to the beginning of the First World War, a number of Canadians designed and flew—with varying degrees of success—their own aircraft (some of them being inspired by experiments in France or the United States). Canadians J.A.D. McCurdy and F.W. "Casey" Baldwin, for example, members of the Aerial Experiment Association (1907–1909), formed the Canadian Aerodrome Company. This small company was the first aircraft manufacturer in Canada.

A Bombardier CRJ200 flying for Shandong Airlines, a Chinese airline. Image provided courtesy of Bombardier Inc.<br />  (SHANGDONG-CRJ200-01)
The McDowall Monoplane, an early home-built aircraft, ca 1915.<br /> (CAVM 9054)
The Baddeck Biplane 1 (here at Petawawa, Ontario) was built by the Canadian Aerodrome Company, in 1909 at Baddeck, Nova Scotia.<br /> (CAVM 2077)