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Housing the finest collection of its kind in Canada, the Museum’s Library and Archives is dedicated to fostering an understanding of the role aviation played in the history of Canada. As well, it serves to highlight Canada’s exceptional contributions to the development of aviation worldwide.

Set up originally to meet the needs of Museum staff researching exhibitions and restoration projects, the Library and Archives has become a busy research centre for people from across Canada and around the world. You can seek out information on all types of flying machines, engines, aviation personalities, and company histories — whether it’s for an article or book, a school assignment, or a personal interest.

Library and Archives Library and Archives Services casm

Research fixed-wing and rotary-winged aircraft, balloons, airships, aviation personalities, as well as aircraft components and engines.

archival collection Archival Collection casm

Find out more about the Museum’s unique Archival Collection.

library collection Library Collection casm

Research Canadian aviation history at the Museum’s Library.

image bank Image Bank casm

Search the Museum's collection of digitized images of aircraft, people and places, dating from the early 20th century up to the present day.

online catalogue Online Catalogue casm

Browse the online catalogue of Ingenium's library collection.

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