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Library Collection

The Library’s collection of books, bound periodicals, and technical manuals focuses on the history of aeronautics, both civilian and military, with particular but not exclusive emphasis on the Canadian experience. Visitors can research fixed and rotary-winged aircraft, balloons, airships, aviation personalities, as well as aircraft components and engines.


The Library holds a circulating collection of over 12,000 books. This collection encompasses all facets of aviation history — civil and military, technological and social — from the first tentative flights to modern jets.


The Library currently subscribes to 200 periodical titles and holds full runs of Canadian aviation journals such as Canadian Aviation and the Canadian Aviation Historical Society Journal. Also represented are British, American, and European magazines from the earliest days, such as L’Aéronaute, all the way to Aviation Week and Space Technology, with everything in between such as Flight, The Aeroplane, Air International, Model Airplane News, World Air Power, Icare, and Le Fanatique de l’aviation.

Technical Manuals

Technical manuals are the working tools used by pilots to fly their aircraft and by crews to repair and service them. They provide unique information such as detailed operating procedures, maintenance instructions, and some of the best line drawings and 3-views available. Many civilian and military aircraft from the Second World War and postwar eras are represented in the collection as well as engines from before the First World War to the present day. The Lancaster, Mosquito, Beaver, and Starfighter are among the many types of aircraft represented in the library’s technical manual collection.

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