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Explore online exhibitions and games on a variety of aviation and aerospace themes with these teacher and student resources from the Museum.

Free Activity Kit

Be sure to check out the Museum’s multi-grade black-line master Activity Kit (PDF) for great activities you can do with your class before or after your visit. It contains some ideas for pre- and post-visit activities specific to some programs, and much more. Feel free to copy, modify, and share with your class and your colleagues.

Your Visit to Canada’s Capital, a curriculum-rich pre-visit resource, is exactly what you need to get your students excited about their upcoming trip!

Take a Walk through Time

Learn more about the Museum’s beautiful flying machines as you follow the Walkway of Time. This photo essay walks you chronologically through the Museum’s collection with a special look at Canada’s pioneering contributions.

Fascinating Experiments!

Try these Fascinating Experiments with your class but don’t stop there! Turn it into an art activity and capture the beauty of science in action.

Connect the Past and the Present

Discover the connections between Canada’s aviation past and present with the interactive timeline Canadian Aviation through Time. See how achievements in Canadian aviation fit within the wider context of science and technology milestones and international events that affected life in Canada between 1900 and 1945. Find out about specific aspects of Canadian aviation in the mini-exhibits. Plus, try your hand at re-creating aircraft from the pioneer and First World War eras.

Get the Picture

Explore more of Canada’s great aviation stories as told through art and archival photographs from the Museum’s world-class collection. Through stories, games, and more, students in grades 6 to 8 gain insight into Canada’s aviation history and the impact of aviation on Canadians over time in Brushstrokes and Wingtips.

Exceptional Canadian Women Aviators

Experience the passion, skill, knowledge, and determination of Canadian women pilots. High Flyers: Canadian Women in Aviation highlights the accomplishments of Canada’s female aviators from the country’s earliest days of flight to the present.

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