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February 22, 2011

New multimedia and learning centre at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Canada’s national aviation and space museum is all about connecting individuals and communities to the wonders of the world of flight through its spectacular collection, programming, educational activities, special events and the sharing of ideas and dreams. Located in Ottawa, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum has earned an international reputation for excellence. It is recognized as having the most extensive aviation collection in Canada, one which is ranked among the top five of its type in the world.1


This new multimedia and learning centre for the Museum, comprising the auditorium, a grand hall, two classrooms, and a multi-purpose room will be a place where Canadians will connect, where the industry will showcase the latest technologies and where the youth of today will be formed into the decision makers of the future. It is an important centre for the entire aviation community providing a perfect vehicle for recognition of major financial support for the Museum. This 1,800 m2 (approximately 20,000 square feet) centre is dedicated to enhancing the connection between education and inspiration, by linking Canada’s heritage with its future.


The focal point of the new Learning Centre will be a 560 m2, 250-seat, multi-purpose auditorium. It will feature leading-edge audio and video technology. This space is more than the sum of its parts. It is a state of the art Theatre, lecture hall, event space and video conference distance learning facility. It will feature the best and brightest from the Aviation and Space Industry community connecting with Canadians both in Ottawa and across the country. The theatre and film amenities will support theatre and film groups linking the arts with technology. It will be used by school groups, Communities with special needs and adults to connect with their heritage and forge their own dreams. They will learn about Canada’s role in aviation and space and just how integral aviation has been to the development and realization of this great nation.


Two classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art video-conferencing technology will enable Canadians of all ages to connect with others (from fellow learners to experts who exemplify the idea of life-long learning) across Canada, throughout the world, and even in orbit on the International Space Station!


This room, with large exterior windows, will be used as a meeting room, a board room for rentals, a break out room for smaller groups, and as a back-up activity room for Museum personnel. It will also be used extensively for children’s craft workshops, hands-on creative activities, and small group learning sessions.


The completely new grand entry hall features a Tudor jet from the world-renowned Canadian Air Force Snowbirds Aerobatics Squadron, suspended in mid-loop directly overhead. The 430 m2 entrance lobby is designed to instill in visitors the thrill and romance of the world of flight.


A completely re-designed and greatly expanded Café will enhance the visitors’ stay and provide a place to contemplate and reflect upon what they have experienced. With views into the Grand Hall and the Museum exhibition space, this 160 m2 dining area will become a key element of the visitor experience.

1Author, Nigel Price, stated the Canada Aviation Museum was 'one of the world’s foremost aeronautical collections' in the January 2007 issue of Flypast Magazine.


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