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Ace Academy: Black Flight

Gold Medal Winner of the 2017 International Serious Play Awards

Enlist in the Ace Academy: Black Flight, the Museum’s mobile game. Download it — FREE.

A new mobile game for users to experience unmatched gameplay, graphics and narrative as they climb into the cockpit to fly with real squadrons, over actual historical locations and ascend the ranks to become a First World War Ace.
Available at the App Store or on Google Play.

Unlock, upgrade and customize the leading aircraft of First World War as you attack airships, rail lines, convoys, and enemy bombers. Test your abilities as you go head to head with top German Jastas in Fokker and Albatross fighters.

Experience a rich historical narrative, based on accurate First World War people, locations and events. Discover the major battles and theatres that made First World War one of the most gruelling wars ever fought!

Ace Academy: Black Flight was developed in partnership with the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, which helped curate and craft the rich narrative and historical timeline. The game features images of outstanding artifacts and stunning photography, immersing you in the realities of the time. The result is one of the most historically accurate games available for your mobile device.

Join the ranks of Black Flight, explore the world of 100 years ago, and earn your place in history.

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