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Ace Academy

Learn how to fly these fragile wood and fabric biplanes from the collection of the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Available at the App Store or on Google Play.


  • Live action characters guide you through your WWI flight training
  • Swipe and click through adventures as you navigate aerial challenges
  • Take command of a WWI biplane in your first-ever solo flight
  • Interact with detailed 3D models of the Museum’s WWI aircraft
  • Explore the Museum’s archival imagery and technical drawings
  • Discover the Museum's hidden collection of artifacts not currently on display

Download now to follow in the ghostly footsteps of the lone aviator, the knight of the air, riding into battle, banners flying. Discover the reality of this dangerous job, fraught with peril, in which young men with only a few hours of training were sent into the skies, often alone — frequently never to return.

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