What to See and Do

Wings of History

Live history – take a flight back in time aboard a vintage training aircraft of the Second World War or Cold War.

These 20-minute flights in any one four historic warbirds are available on weekends all summer long at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and they make great gifts for a special day. Advance reservations are required.

NEW: Become a member of Vintage Wings of Canada by upgrading your membership to Ingenium, 3 in 1 Membership Program for only $50 extra.

Please note that you must have a membership (a ‘Museum Membership Upgrade’) to qualify to purchase a flight on a vintage aircraft. This is a provision of the Vintage Wings of Canada insurance policy and as such, no exceptions can be made. Also note that student memberships cannot be upgraded.

For more information call 819-669-9603 or visit vintagewings.ca.

Also find out more about the ‘Formation Flying’.

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